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For the forth year in a row Color Media Communications organizes “Digital”, the regional conference on trends in telecommunications and media.
#Digital2017 – will last two days – 7th and 8th September (Thursday and Friday) and will bring together leading names in these fields from around the region as well as numerous guests from abroad.
#Digital conference is a unique event that gathers regional leaders in Telecommunication Industry: MTS, VIP, Telenor, Deutsche Telekom, Orion, Mtl Bulgaria and all previous conferences were attended by CEOs of telecommunication companies from the region.

Digital conferences are traditionally attended by many VIP and distinguished persons; e.g. the first Digital 2014 was opened by Maja Gojković, President of the Assembly of Serbia, and Digital 2015 by Ivan Tasovac, Minister of Culture and Information. Digital 2016 was opened by H. E. Denis Keefe, UK Ambassador to Serbia and H. E. Kyle Scott US Ambassador in Belgrade, Color Media Communications had the honor that conferences were also attended by ambassadors of Switzerland, India, Egypt…
The owners and directors of the leading TV stations in the region and world: CNN, BBC, RTS, Pink, Antena Grupa, RTL, Nova TV, TV News, Al Jazeera were speakers on the conferences.

digital 2015


Ministar kulture i informisanja Republike Srbije
Vladan Vukosavljević
Minister of Culture and Information in the Government of the Republic of Serbia
Tatjana Matić
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Narinder Čohan
H. E. Narinder Chauhan
Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Republic of Serbia
Branko Ružić, ministar državne uprave i lokalne samouprave u Vladi Srbije
Branko Ružić
Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia
H. E. Alona Fisher-Kamm
Israeli Ambassador to Serbia
Lenja Faraguna
MarCAREting and Clarity Coach
Hola TV (Hola! / Hello!), Madrid
Isabelle de Courson
Hola TV (Hola! / Hello!)
Jacky Zhao
Victoriya Boklag
CEO Telenor Srbija
Ingeborg Øfsthus
Telenor Serbia
CEO at VIP Mobile
Dejan Turk
VIP Mobile
Generalni direktor "Telekoma Srbija a.d."
Predrag Ćulibrk
Telekom Serbia




Wake Up Coffee by Viasat World


CEO Panel Discussion of Regional Telecom Readers


Dejan Ljuština, PwC - MODERATOR

Dejan Ljuština is a leader of the PwC regional team for management consulting in charge of business management.


Jacky Zhao, Huawei

Slobodan Đinović, Orion

Victoriya Boklag, SBB


Ingeborg Øfsthus, Telenor Serbia

Dejan Turk, VIP Mobile

Predrag Ćulibrk, Telekom Serbia

Jacky Zhao , Huawei

Jacky Zhao Huawei Technologies, Regional Device Director

Slobodan Đinović , Orion

Victoriya Boklag , SBB

Director of SBB and Vice President Marketing and Media Group United


Ingeborg Øfsthus , Telenor Serbia

Ingeborg Øfsthus has been the Chief Executive Officer in Telenor Serbia since March 2016.

Dejan Turk , VIP Mobile

Dejan Turk is CEO at VIP Mobile

Predrag Ćulibrk , Telekom Serbia

Predrag Ćulibrk is CEO at "Telekom Srbija a.d."


Coffee break by Viasat World


Future of Digital Payments


Dmitry Mamzeliev, VISA

Dmitry Mamzeliev , VISA

Director, Core Products CIS&SEE, Visa Ukraine LLC


Panel 2 – SVOD vs TV Channels – who is going to win

Who is going to produce content in 2018, and how is this content going to be distributed?


Ivana Konstantinović – MODERATOR, B92


Sanja Božić-Ljubičić, Pickbox

Vladimir Gašić, VMD Gmbh

Igor Stoimenov, Planet TV, Slovenia

Michael Moriarty, AMCNI

Nebojša Bradić, RTS

Sanja Božić-Ljubičić , Pickbox

CEO and owner, Mediatranslations, Mediavision and Pickbox

Vladimir Gašić , VMD Gmbh

Vladimir Gašić, Managing Director, VMD Gmbh. VMD Gmbh is the distribution arm of MARC DORCEL worldwide since 2012.

Igor Stoimenov , Planet TV, Slovenia

Serbian director, writer and producer, born in 1971.

Michael Moriarty , AMCNI

Mr. Moriarty is a 30 year industry veteran with a broad range of experience across the cable television and programming sectors.

Nebojša Bradić , RTS

Editor in Chief Culture and Art Program Serbian Broadcasting Corporation responsible for arts, documentary, drama and program for children.


How to transform the global magazine brand into video and TV production


Isabelle de Courson, Hola TV (Hola! / Hello!)

Isabelle de Courson , Hola TV (Hola! / Hello!)


Panel Discussion No. 3 – Pitch My Day: What today’s clients want, and why are they not getting it?


Ruža Ristanović, Diplomacy&Commerce - MODERATOR

Ruža Ristanović, the Director of Diplomacy&Commerce magazine, was born in Zenica in 1978.


Vuk Kosovac, Societe Generale

Olivera Nikodijević, Apatin Brewery

Nevena Kurtović, Fusion Communications

Aleksandra Radujko, New Media Team

Lea Stanković, Communis DDB

Vuk Kosovac , Societe Generale

Executive Marketing Director of Socitet Generale Bank

Olivera Nikodijević , Apatin Brewery

Marketing Director in Apatin Brewery, a Molson Coors Company.

Nevena Kurtović , Fusion Communications

Direktorka Fusion Communications, agencije clanice Direct Media sistema, specijalizovana agencija za integrisane komunikacije.

Aleksandra Radujko , New Media Team

Aleksandra Radujko is the owner and director of the Agency for Public Relations New Media Team

Lea Stanković , Communis DDB

Lea Stanković is the Executive Director of Communis DDB.


Lunch Break by FOX


Panel Discussion No. 4 – Cinema is open again: How can Djenka survive 2017?


Dragan Jeličić, TV Pink - MODERATOR

Editor of the film program Pink International Company


Boban Jevtić, Film Center Serbia

Ivan Hinić, Cineplexx

Dragana Tešić, Con Film

Zoran Cvetanović, ART VISTA

Zoran Savić, Blitz-Cinestar

Boban Jevtić , Film Center Serbia

Director of the Film Center Serbia, writer and publicist

Ivan Hinić , Cineplexx

Head of Booking and Exhibition

Dragana Tešić , Con Film

Executive Manager of Con Film Distribution Company

Zoran Cvetanović , ART VISTA

Zoran Savić , Blitz-Cinestar

Zoran Savić is currently general manager of Blitz-Cinestar Serbia.


What can we expect in 2018. in terms of trends in the media


Dejan Radosavljević, IPSOS

Dejan Radosavljević , IPSOS

Research Director of Media Research


Panel Discussion No. 5 – Good evening, this is the news for the 7th September 2022: How will the media in the region look like in five years?


Slobodan Georgijev, journalist BIRN-a - MODERATOR


Aleksandra Subotić, United Media, N1

Milomir Marić, Happy TV

Voja Žanetić, MOSAIC

Radomir Lale Marković, TAG Media

Dragan Varagić, blogger, online strategist

Manja Grčić, Antena Group

Aleksandra Subotić , United Media, N1

Aleksandra Subotic is CEO of United Media and executive director of the N1 television.

Milomir Marić , Happy TV

Voja Žanetić , MOSAIC

Co-owner and creative director of the MOSAIC marketing agency.

Radomir Lale Marković , TAG Media

Radomir Lale Marković is a renowned expert in social networks and electronic media with over 20 years of experience.

Dragan Varagić , blogger, online strategist

Dragan Varagić is a blogger, online strategist and he provides advisory services in the fields of e-business.

Manja Grčić , Antena Group

Manja Grčić possesses over fifteen years of experience in media industry, where she held the executive director positions in regional, as well as in international media companies.


Visit to the White Palace


Dorcel TV party


Wake Up Coffee by Viasat World


#UKSRB180 – Diplomatic History meets the Digital


Denis Keefe, UK Ambassador to Serbia

Denis Keefe , UK Ambassador to Serbia

Denis Keefe CMG has been Ambassador to Serbia since June 2014, following 3 years as Ambassador to Georgia, and 4 years as Minister and Deputy Head of Mission in Moscow.


Tech Talent Wars: Competing for the Brightest Minds


Katarina Popović, IT Entrepreneur and PitchBitch founder

Pitch mentor PitchBitch, startup founder, media artist


Benjamin Ruschin, We Are Developers

Benjamin Ruschin , We Are Developers

Co-Founder & Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers, the largest community of developers in Europe.


“One-on-one” – Regional Expansion of the Global Brand Related to Creative Industry


Tomislav Ricov, Weekend Media Festival


Dušan Kovačević, EXIT Festival

Dušan Kovačević , EXIT Festival


Coffee break by Viasat World


Panel Discussion No. 6 – The Millennials in the region of the tough Baby Boomers: Why are older generations in media and marketing reluctant to step down and let younger ones take over?


Miloje Sekulić, Homepage - MODERATOR

Internet and business consultant


Sanja Busić, Marbo

Marija Matić, Direct Media

Vesna Ceranić, Executive group

Ejub Kučuk, Mita Group, Sarajevo

Pavle Savovič, Telegraf

Sanja Busić , Marbo

Sanja Bušić is a marketing manager for Western Balkans at Marbo Product which operates under PepsiCo Group.

Marija Matić , Direct Media

Marija is Direct Media’s Media Planning Director with 17 years of experience in the advertising industry.

Vesna Ceranić , Executive group

Ejub Kučuk , Mita Group, Sarajevo

Strategic consultant in advertising, PR, social media, crisis communication, political advertising and reputation management. I'm passionate about startups & entrepreneurship. For the last 5 years I've focused on social media advertising and investing in different platforms.

Pavle Savovič , Telegraf

Director telegraf.rs


Lunch break


Panel Discussion No. 7 – Revolution 100 years after: Are the ‘WINTER PALACES’ of digital age still unconquerable?


Zlatko Crnogorac, CC Parobrod - MODERATOR

Executive Producer of Cultural Center "Parobrod"


Jelena Balašević, producer

Tibor Jona, journalist

Boris Trivan, Digital Communications Institute

Tatjana Vojtehovski, journalist

Aleksandar Šapić, President of the New Belgrade Municipality

Jelena Balašević , producer

Tibor Jona , journalist

Tibor is a communications and media professional with over 15 years of professional experience in various roles in public relations, communications and media, both print and broadcast.

Boris Trivan , Digital Communications Institute

Co-founder, Programme director and senior lecturer at Digital Communications Institute.

Tatjana Vojtehovski , journalist

Twenty-two years of TV-related experience, author of numerous TV shows, forms and interviews during ten years

Aleksandar Šapić , President of the New Belgrade Municipality

He is one of the best water polo players in the world ever and he was officially declared the best scorer in ex Yugoslavia history.


Panel Discussion No. 8 – Houston, we have a problem: Crisis communication in digital age


Ljiljana Boljanović, Olaf&McAteer - MODERATOR

Managing Director at Olaf&McAteer


Irena Korićanac, University Children's Hospital Tiršova

Maja Petrović, Vitki Gurman

Maja Vujašković Đureinović, IKEA

Nataša Krstić, FEFA Faculty

Danijel Koletić, Apriori World

Irena Korićanac , University Children's Hospital Tiršova

Irena Korićanac, psychologist, Associate for Public Relations, University Children's Hospital Tiršova.

Maja Petrović , Vitki Gurman

Maja Vujašković Đureinović , IKEA

Nataša Krstić , FEFA Faculty

Works as an assistant professor at the FEFA Faculty, where she teaches Digital Marketing at economics studies.

Danijel Koletić , Apriori World

Danijel Koletić is a founder of leading conference in the Southeast Europe for communication – PRO PR conference


Coffee break by Viasat World


Panel Discussion No. 9 – Silicon Valley at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea: The hot topic of the local IT scene


Milan Šolaja, CEO @Vojvodina ICT Cluster - MODERATOR

Milan is a future-oriented and success driven. Since 2010, he is at the helm of the Vojvodina ICT Cluster, based in Novi Sad, capital of Serbian province of Vojvodina.


Milovan Matijević, Mineco

Goran Jocić, MEF

Vladimir Crnojević, BioSense

Vladimir Kovač, Webiz

Vojin Šenk, Faculty of Technical Sciences

Vukašin Stojkov, Startit

Slobodan Marković, RNIDS

Milovan Matijević , Mineco

Analyst ICT market - "Mineco Computers"

Goran Jocić , MEF

Goran Jocic is a teacher of skills in computer science at the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance - MEF.

Vladimir Crnojević , BioSense

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Crnojević is director of BioSense Institute – R&D institute for information technologies in Biosystems, recently ranked as No.1 European Center of Excellence within H2020 Teaming program.

Vladimir Kovač , Webiz

Vladimir Kovač is Conference Director @ Webiz

Vojin Šenk , Faculty of Technical Sciences

Vukašin Stojkov , Startit

Vukasin Stojkov is an entrepreneur, designer and technological activists.

Slobodan Marković , RNIDS

Slobodan Marković works as Advisor for ICT Policy and Internet Community Relations at the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS).


Official closing of the conference


After Work Cocktail Party by Carlsberg


Official bank of the Conference


Party Partner



belgrade, SRBIJA

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. Its name translates to ``White city``. The urban area of the City of Belgrade has a population of 1.23 million, while over 1.65 million people live within its administrative limits. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, is an international airport serving Belgrade, Serbia. Previously known as Belgrade Airport or Surčin Airport, it was renamed in 2006 in honor of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. It is the largest and busiest airport in Serbia, situated 18 km (11 mi) west of downtown Belgrade near the suburb of Surčin. It takes you about 30 minutes to get from the airport to the city center.


A landmark of Belgrade, this striking hotel first opened in 1957 and is regarded to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the Balkans, welcoming throughout its existence the city’s elite and cultural influencers, as well as foreign guests.Address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 69, BelgradePhone: 381 11 3333 100The conference takes place in Ivo Andric ballroom


Hotels in belgrade

With the purchased registration, the conference participant receives corporate rates for accomodatio in hotels.

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