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Nebojša Bradić

Editor in Chief Culture and Art Program Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

Editor in Chief Culture and Art Program Serbian Broadcasting Corporation responsible for arts, documentary, drama and program for children.

Nebojša Bradić graduated directing on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.
He has worked as the director, art director and head of the Krusevac Theatre 1981.- 96.. Under his directorship Krusevac`s theater became one of the most respected and creative theater in Serbia, with award – winning program.

Bradić was the general director of the Theater Atelier 212 in Belgrade 1996/97.
From 1997. – 1999. he was the general manager of the National Theater in Belgrade. In three years he has driven major expansion of productions and transformation of institutional work, defining new role in theater network.

He was director and general director of Belgrade Drama Theater from 2000. – 2008. Under Bradić`s leadership Belgrade Drama Theatre has been transformed from old fashioned house to place for contemporary theater.

In 2003. he has founded Belgrade Dance Festival which become internationally renowned. He has also founded Danubefest and Anticafest, trying to conect cultural heritage with contemporary art productions.

He was Minister of Culture of Serbia 2008. – 2011. During Bradić`s post the arts and culture program has grown in size and received more investment. He has launched Creative Economy as an important part of culture system of Serbia.

Bradić is professor of acting at the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts, trying to launch new theater skills.
He has directed more than 90 plays in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian and Greek theaters. He has also directed operas, musicals and ballets.
He is the recipient of most important Serbian and international theater awards for directing and playwriting.
Bradić was the first winner of the Award for the best Yugoslav theater manager.