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Vladimir Gašić

VMD Gmbh
Managing Director, VMD Gmbh

Vladimir Gašić, Managing Director, VMD Gmbh. VMD Gmbh is the distribution arm of MARC DORCEL worldwide since 2012.

Its CEO Vladimir GASIC has a strong background in content distribution, channels and operators. In 2012 he successfully launched the HD Premium channel of Dorcel Dorcel XXX HD, and the Dorcel VOD services in Russia.

In 2013 it was MARC DORCEL’s new soft erotic and glamorous TV channel, Erotica TV. And, more recently, in 2015 he launched Stars XXX TV an adult TV channel dedicated to porn stars. Before joining MARC DORCEL, Vladimir Gasic distributed premium sport content working for ASO, Eurosport and Sportfive entering for them CEE and CIS markets.